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    • Embroidered Doily 

      Parkhurst, Elsie (Scandinavian Cultural Center, 1988)
      Cream colored square doily with red, blue and yellow embroidery
    • Heart Shaped Brooch (Solje) 

      Parkhurst, Elsie (Scandinavian Cultural Center, 1985)
      Norwegian silver heart shaped brooch (solje) (5 missing spoons)
    • Stavangerflint, Norway Commemorative Porcelain Plate 

      Parkhurst, Elsie (Scandinavian Cultural Center, 1988)
      Stavangerflint, Norway, commemorative plate, utvandrerjubileet (emigrant jubilee (1825-1975). The sloop Restauration left Stavanger on July 4, 1825, carrying onboard the first 52 Norwegian emigrants bound for America. The ...
    • Wooden Trunk from Norway 

      Parkhurst, Elsie (Scandinavian Cultural Center, 1989)
      Wooden trunk from Norway measuring 18 x 37 x 17". The lock on this immigrant trunk has the initials J H D L and the year 1877 cut out from the metal band. John Flolow emigrated from Norway with this chest.